Frailcare Services


DaruShifa has the expertise and experience to care for patients with a wide variety of conditions including:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • COPD
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • General frailty
  • Post-operative recovery

DaruShifa Home Based Care includes a wide range of Medical and Non-Medical Services:

  • Attending to daily care
  • Assisting in general mobility to ensure safety
  • Assisting with feeding and fluid intake
  • Administering of medication
  • Monitoring of side-effects
  • Bathing, grooming & personal hygiene
  • Toileting, including catheter, colostomy, commode and diaper care
  • Treatment and prevention of sores
  • Dressing of wounds
  • Blood Pressure and Sugar monitoring
  • Post-hospitalisation care
  • Housecleaning arrangements
  • Meal arrangements
  • Counselling
  • Companionship

Most importantly, our caregivers provide a level of companionship that prevents our customers from feeling isolated and lonely.

We are dedicated to providing the best individual healthcare available. Our goal is to maximize the health, independence, and comfort of our patients and their families.

Process & How It Works

Our primary focus is placing a caregiver who exactly meets your requirements. To achieve this we have adopted the following protocol:

  1. We will visit the family member and, together with our client, build a comprehensive brief
  2. We then make a professional assessment of the scenario and develop an appropriate service level agreement
  3. In accordance with the brief, we will allocate a suitably qualified and experienced Caregiver
  4. A member of our management team will make regular on-site visit to ensure that the quality of service is being maintained and that our client is happy.

In conjunction with the family, we will regularly reassess the client’s needs and adjust the service accordingly

The Costs for services listed below are intended as a guide.

Please feel free to contact us for tailor made packages.

A Personal Care R 150 2 hours
B Geriatric Assessment and Management R 200 Per visit
C Chronic Medication Administration R 60 Per day
D Home/Safety Monitoring R 100 Per visit
E Transportation – errands, shopping R 100 Per Trip
F Home Healthcare R 400 Per Day/Night
G Housecleaning R 140 Per day
H Live in Homecare 24/7 R 8000 Per month
I Meal preparation R 100 Per meal
J Adult Day/Night shift R 250 Per shift
K Companion Service R 60 Max 2 hrs
L Doctor/house calls R 300 Per visit
M Nursing calls R 300 Per visit
N Counselling Service R 150 Per Session
O Bills payment R 100 Per trip
P Hospice service Referral
Q Rehab Service Referral
R Transition service- Relocating Referral
S Drawing up of Will Referral

DaruShifa home Based Care is fully operational.

We are only a call away.

Office hours: 08:00 -17:00