Qustul hindi dosage

Qustul hindi dosage and method of using:
Qustul hindi is a potent medicine that is hot in nature. 
Not to be taken regularly.
Only use when necessary.

Dosage 1 tsp Qustul hindi powder mixed with 3 tsp honey
Always mix Qustul hindi powder:honey in 1:3 ratio

Qustul hindi is very bitter, so you will want to mix it with honey.

Very effective for tonsillitis, sinusitis, rhinitis.
Used as oil
(Qustul hindi powder infused into olive oil for 30-40 days in a dark place)

Method of use as described in Hadith

Qustul hindi oil
Apply 3-5 drops of the oil in each nostril while lying back 2 xs dly
The more inflamed the tonsils or sinuses are the more the burning sensation will be felt.

If the burning is intolerable, then apply 1 drop on  the finger and rub into the nostril 5-7xs dly.

Qustul hindi powder
For pleurisy and other lung problems
Place the mixture in the buccal (between the inner cheek and gums) and allow to dissolve. This results in direct absorption into the blood stream without having to go through the digestive system and quicker response to treatment.

Results experienced almost immediately or within 3-5 days.

May not need to continue for longer than this. In severe cases 10 days max.

Qustul hindi has the following properties
Blood thinning
Anti infective
Blood pressure lowering

It should not be used together with medications with these effects.

For those with: low blood pressure or anaemia, and for children, Qustul Bahri may be more suitable as it is milder than Qustul hindi

Dosage of Qustul Bahri
1 tablespoon Qustul bahri with 3 tablespoons honey to place in the buccal  for absorption.

Qustul bahri is not available in oil form.