Blackseed dosage

To make 1kg Blackseed oil you need 7-11 kg seeds depending on quality of seeds.

So Blackseed oil is highly concentrated It cannot be taken dlaily in high doses for long periods

It has cure for all illness but cannot be taken in excess

If you want to take Blackseed dailly , 

you can take 3-7 Seeds , mix with honey 3 or 5 or 7 seeds dly, not more

Blackseed oil dosage

1tsp dly for max 10 days

Or 3 drops 3xs dly for max 10 days

Blackseed  is a bit  hot  in nature Some people can tolerate high doses for long periods.  These are usually those who tend to have more cold in their body.

But high doses are not suitable for all.

Rather take 3-7seeds max if you want to take daily.