Seek shifaa with duaa first

Once the Prophet Moosa (peace be upon him) experienced a headache and thus supplicated to Allah Ta’ala to cure him.He was instructed to eat of the leaves of a particular tree. So he did and was cured. The next time he experienced a headache, he ate the very same leaves,but was not cured.So he supplicated to Allah Ta’ala again. Allah Ta’ala informed him that the leaves of the tree cannot cure, rather it has the ability of curing by His command. The leaves were only the means to cure.

Sometimes the means to cure is in the hakeems treatment,sometimes in the medical doctors treatment, sometimes in the simple home remedies,  sometimes it is purely in the prayer without any means, and sometimes it isn’t meant to be.

Always start with Prayer.

In times of need or difficulties, our prayers are more sincere, we pay more attention and we concentrate even more, we humble ourselves and we beg. During these times our prayers are more likely to be answered, we are more likely to be guided to the appropriate means, sometimes immediately,  sometimes after a while and sometimes not, but the reward for the prayer, the difficulty and the effort will be there.   We all know this. It’s good to have a reminder though.