Diet Guidelines for Blood Stasis Patterns

Blood Stasis refers to impaired blood circulation and micro circulation.

This can have wide-ranging effects from decreased oxygen supply to impaired endocrine and immune system functioning.

Diet recommendations for this pattern aim to:

  • Avoid foods that can impair circulation and
  • increase foods that remove stasis.
  • General dietary recommendations include:
  • Regular eating times,
  • Eating moderate amounts and
  • Chewing thoroughly to savor flavors.


  • Raw foods and cold foods (ex: ice cream) will constrict circulation and should be avoided.
  • Eating while distracted or emotionally stressed should also be avoided.


  • The diet should also include plenty of fragrant and lightly spiced dishes.
  • Highly processed foods and well as oily and fatty foods should be avoided.
  • Where ever possible choose organically grown foods.


Specific foods for Blood Stasis Patterns

  • Turmeric, basil, nutmeg, oregano, rosemary, white pepper, hawthorne berries
  • Shallots, leeks, chives, garlic, ginger, taro root, eggplant, mushrooms especially wood ear mushrooms
  • Adzuki beans, chestnuts, kidney beans
  • Sugar cane, vinegar, rose water


Foods to restrict or avoid

  • Salads, raw fruits, raw vegetables
  • Excess amounts of tofu, dairy or nut butters and other high oil foods
  • Overly sweet foods, refined sugars, high doses of vitamin C
  • Cold foods like ice cream or smoothies
  • Iced drinks including ice water